Item: NTT DoCoMo Sharp Aquos SH-01D (Blue)

Price/Currency: $550 USD (Includes Shipping, Tracking and Insurance!)

Condition: Used (2 months) but in Like New condition! Bought the phone on December 30th at Hong Kong's Sin Tak Plaza and used it until end of February. I am now using an iPhone 4S.

There are NO scratches on the screen as I put a matte screen protector since day 1. The phone itself is flawless as I've had it in a Ray-Out clear hard shell case since day 1.

Accessories include: USB cable, Hard case and matte screen protector

Additional details:

The phone is factory unlocked, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world. Be aware it uses MicroSim Cards like the iPhone 4/s.

It's also waterproof, but I've not tried it's waterproof capability for obvious reasons.

I don't have the Box or manual with me as I am currently in San Diego. I'll return to Hong Kong at the end of May so if you can wait, I'll be glad to ship the original box and manual to you.

If interested, feel free to email me [email protected]