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Thread: Big Problem With Flashed Ic 502

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    Big Problem With Flashed Ic 502

    Hi I Need Help With This Phone i was reading the furums followed directions with flashing phone I Flased It Then the phone was roaming so i did the ##000000# went to program mode tried to program phone. to get the sid changed. So It Wount Roam . big mistake now the phone says in progress i read the furums they say to put a active boost sim witch i did program phone did it still phone is in progress .I Dont Know what to do next. is ther a way to bypass this screen i checked all forums cant get any ansers i dont want to give up till i get this phone done can someone point me in the right direction please post here or email me @[email protected] Thanks For looking @ Post

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    What method of flashing did you use

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    Sorry i could not post sooner problems with thread
    please respond so i can get yhis phone working thanks for responding

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