I took the unlimited plan for 58.33$ on the 10/1/2012

then I renewed the unlimited plan on the 4/2/2012 (+58.33$)

I then realized I didn't really need unlimited voice as I used only 15 minutes of voice the preceding month, so on the 9/2/2012 I decided to switch to talk+text 100 + unlimited browsing for 32.57$ thinking that when my current month of unlimited plan would expire I would be on the talk+text 100 + unlimited browsing plan until that one expired too

but NO, that's not how it works, if you pay for another plan, your current plan is immediately forfeit, no refunds

to I paid 58.33$ for 5 days of unlimited plan, of which I used about 100 mb of their terrible data service, about 10 text and 0 minutes of voice

I wouldn't complain if the data plan wasn't such insulting junk that it has become

seriously, they degrade pictures so much that you can't even read text