Since I switched to Android I have been looking for an email client for my computer that would sync with my Google Calender.
My over all goal is to have something that will sync my Google calender so the same information shows up on my phone, google online calender and my computer.
I got outlook but it was nothing but a hassle, not only the set up between the three (that was a bear to do to say the least) but it also required a separate sync program. So after this free month of Outlook I decided that I don't like it at all and went looking.
I have found "eM Client" for free and it is so incredibly easy to use. All I had to do was install it, put in my google name and password and it synced everything all on it's own. All my appointments are there, all my contacts are there, everything I have on my Google and phone transferred in 2 minutes. When I added content at my phone it sent it strait to my computer, I didn't have to use the sync on my computer.
The only down side is on the free version it only allows for two emails, for me that is fine as I only have two. For some who have more this may not be ideal and it may not be what everyone is looking for, but for me this email client has done everything I wanted it to.
Edit: This link is to the eM website.