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Thread: FLIP FLOPS & Commissions

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    FLIP FLOPS & Commissions

    Previous Verizon Wireless Employee. Now working for indirect Sprint.

    Customer come in I have 5 lines on my account and I want the iPhone 4s and want to use the upgrade from line 3 to get the iPhone put on line 1.

    Verizon had a way of picking which upgrade was eligible and putting the equipment directly onto the line the customer wanted it on. Avoiding commission issues with tracking down commissions. So if you wanted to use any line that was eligible for a upgrade you could do so on any line with no penalty.

    Sprint tells me that if the customer wants to use upgrade from line 3 or any line on the account that customer must remain active with that equipment on that line for 48 hours. Then the customer is allowed to switch it to what ever line they choose.

    Is this true or is my company burning my commissions with false propaganda so that its easier for them to track the commissions. When I explain this to the customer they dont seem to want to hear it and threaten to leave the store for the corp store. So do I loose the commissions by refusing not to give the customer what they want or do I loose the commissions by not waiting the 48 hours and giving the customer exactly what they are buying.

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    I'm former VZW indirect, now Sprint Corp. We have NSS process flip flops and I haven't seen it affect commissions yet.

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