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Thread: Virgin Mobile outbound Caller ID

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    Angry Virgin Mobile outbound Caller ID

    I am on the VM no contract plan for 2 months now. Everything went pretty smooth with the purchase and setup, but a few days later I discovered the outbound Caller ID was showing up with bogus info... When I call my mom's Comcast phone, her caller ID says "John Fiero" (not my name). When I call my brother's Century Link phone or my work line which uses Vonage service, the caller ID says "Boulder CO" (not where I live, or where I am calling from).

    After a week or so of this, I contacted Virgin Mobile to see why it was still wrong. The tech support people said it was because it was a new phone with a recycled number and that it would take up to 10 days to correct this information in the system. So I waited another couple of weeks with no change before I called them again. This time they apologized for the problem and told me the ticket from "Headquarters" had been closed because the problem was resolved.... I told them it obviously was not resolved because nothing had changed. They said they would submit another ticket and it would be another 10 days to resolve (any other phone company I have dealt with can fix this issue in a matter of minutes, but VM seems to take 10 days to do anything because the tech support people have to submit everything to "Headquarters").

    Anyway, I waited a couple more weeks with no improvement and then called them back again (in addition to submitting a message to their website). This time they told me that "Headquarters" had taken the appropriate steps to resolve the problem, and it the caller ID was still showing up wrong, then I need to call my local phone company to ask them to correct their caller ID system. I tried to explain that it was a problem with more than one phone company (Comcast, Vonage, and Century Link and probably others I don't know about yet), and that I couldn't possibly call every phone company to make corrections, but this idea seemed to be beyond the comprehension of the tech support people (whatever country they are in must have only one phone company).

    I did try to contact the companies I know of and they each told me the same thing... the caller ID information they use is provided by a 3rd party (a national database which provides the information to multiple service providers), and that Virgin Mobile had not updated my information on that database (apparently, there is a fee to do this and Virgin Mobile is too cheap or too stupid to pay the $2.00 fee).

    After that I called Virgin Mobile back to explain what I had been told. Tech support proceeded to tell me the same thing - that Virgin Mobile had taken the appropriate steps and that I needed to work it out with the local phone company (I swear it was like talking to a recorded message). I said that was not an acceptable solution and asked to speak to a supervisor... then they hung up on me (we went thru this routine twice and I was hung up on both times).

    On the Virgin Mobile “no contract” plan, you buy a phone and pay monthly with no long term commitment. After the mistreatment and lack of support, I've decided to dump Virgin Mobile. Now I have an almost new phone (HTC Wildfire that I actually really liked) which is of no use because it can't be transferred to another service provider.

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    So true. The people at VM are more idiotic than morons. And they OUTRIGHT lie. I think this is what you get when you have pay-as-you-go. They just don't care about you when they don't have that contract.

    Can't believe they use that line "escalate to headquarters." That is such bull**** !!

    I don't get why they just don't tell people the truth. THEY EITHER CAN'T OR WON'T CHANGE the caller ID name. I can't keep this phone because I don't want my phone showing some strange. When I called, they did do something to make a change. It changed from the name of a city 30 miles from me to say "CELL PHONE NY. This is even more stupid.

    If it's the change fee that's the problem, they should just make customers pay the fee. They do it with everything else. Then they can make it a profit center. A lot of people would pay the fee. Stupid company.

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