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Thread: FS: Samsung Mesmerize

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    FS: Samsung Mesmerize

    Samsung Mesmerize for sale. In good condition, I have owned it since July and I bought it new at USCC store. Comes with otterbox case, and a samsung handsfree speakerphone for the car (which together were about $80). Phone is running a stock rooted rom (EH09) that is deodexed and debloated and has a custom kernel (to turn on Lagfix the voodoo control app will be required to be downloaded). Phone also has CWM 4.0 (blue) recovery image.

    Price: $120.
    Shipping $11

    I will accept paypal and I would prefer to be gifted, however I would understand the hesitation and we can work out something to cover my costs.

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    Will you trade for a 7 pro?

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