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Thread: Public IP's

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    Public IP's

    Hi Group,

    With Verizon thinking about coming to Sprint. The reason....

    Our main internet connection can only be accomplished with a air card. At this time I have a Verizon 3G card/USB modem. A longer short story. I also have a CCTV system that I need to be able to connect to remotely. So my modem.service must get "Public" IP addresses to allow the remote connection to my CCTV camera system.

    I went with Verizon about 1.5 years ago and their 3G device worked very well for me. When their 3G/4G service was first offer I switched to it and it also worked for me, but only for 3 months. The first 3 months the 3G/4G device did give me the public IP's I needed but in March 2010 Verizon made a change and now their 3G/4G system only connects with privet IP's that connect with an IP that looks like 10.###.###.##.

    So I had to switch back to my old 3G device and plan to get my system working again.

    I have been told that all of the Sprint broadband devices & plans can be sold with a static IP but more importantly the IP's Sprint give you are "Public IP's" that start with 75.###.###.##.

    My question to the group, is this true?



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    Have you considered using some sort of VPN?
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