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Thread: Droid X2 Activation Issue

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    Angry Droid X2 Activation Issue

    Right now I have two Droid X2s sitting at home. Both are unusable since I can't activate either - one was sent as a replacement for the other but both are unworkable. I can boot them up and get to the Android but when I click on it to activate, it dials and then all I hear is soft beeping approximately three-four seconds apart. One time it said "I'm sorry but the number 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 is not a valid telephone number" but the rest of the time it's just failed. There is no dial pad visible for me - see the picture attached - and it is becoming incredibly frustrating. I've tried to use the reboot with up/down buttons pressed but it locks at "Starting RSD Protocol Support..." and goes no further. Two phones in a row have had the same problem.

    Anyone have advice on how to fix the problem?

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    Send it back and don't stop til you get one that "works". If it's from Verizon they don't test every refurb they send out and most are junk. If it's from Asurion you have a one year warranty from when you filed your claim so you can send it back to them.

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