I think I posted this under the main Windows Mobile before 7, but I don't see it, so I will post in this one, where I think it belongs.

Suddenly my unlock pin stopped working. It will give my my hint after trying a few times. I've tried the last 4 digits of my phone, 0000, 1234 per suggestions of Verizon store/ Samsung. Nothing works.

After an incorrect try now, it will do a count down timer, that keeps increasing each failed time. It will not allow me to 'reset', that is grayed out.

I kept most things on the removable disk, but there are somethings I'd still like to get off.

Anyone have any suggestions? Who maybe to contact?

I was fussing with the blue tooth settings, restarted, then couldn't get back in. But I don't see that doing anything. But who knows.