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Thread: New Dealer Compensation

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    New Dealer Compensation

    I am opening stores with At&t soon. Based on the commission on 9.99 and 10+ plans the commission is minimal and you only get twice the feature comp. Although during holidays the multiplier is a bit higher.
    Hardly anything on iPhone. How do you guys survive with overheads of about 7k(3500 rent, 500 utilities, 3k payroll)? A

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    Great question. Especially when national retailers cut prices even further and you are forced to compete or lose customers. Here's a few "every customer every time rules." Sell accessories...take 3 or 4 to the table and hopefully never sell an Iphone without its Otterbox. Sell data. Look for the best optinons..can they use the 4 gb data? remember that every customer counts. Give your customers the best customer service, to build up loyalty and do a bill review every time. Take cash payments. Sell prepaid airtime. Good luck and have fun with it.

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    Well it is about a year later. How are your AT&T stores doing? Have they been profitable?

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