I know i'm not a big poster on the forums but I do read a ton of things on here. I decided that I was going to give my thoughts on nTelos so far since I switched from Verizon in June.

So back in June Verizon refused to help me out with my bill being so high so I stopped by an nTelos store after seeing the 99.99 for two lines smartphone promotion. I went ahead and signed up with a HTC Merge and a LG Axis. My family also has nTelos service so I knew what coverage I would be expecting from them, however the rep did not tell me about not being able to roam on any carrier except for Sprint(I wouldn't have signed up if I had known that earlier) At my home the service works fine but when I started my new job I now have zero service where my verizon phone and even old iPhone with ATT works just fine. Then my PRL was wrong when I left VA so I wasn't able to Call text or use web. Customer service told me I would have to wait till I was back in VA to have my PRL Refreshed. I get back to VA and my bill comes and I ask for a credit since I had no phone for almost two weeks, The answer I get....No.

I really do like nTelos as a whole for the rates and good friendly customer service reps. However the service restrictions and lack of new phones kills it for me. I look foward to some decent phones and every time I am disappointed. I see threads on using iPhones on the network, I would be very satisfied if they would give me the support to get it activated and set up.