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Thread: [App] Budget Check [Update]

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    [App] Budget Check [Update]

    With the app "Budget Check" it is very easy to give a clear and structured overview about your financial cost and income. Single month bookings, but also series bookings can be made. You can store many categories and customize that with many icons. In several diagrams obtains a additional overview of the individual categories and months.
    The data can be stored locally on the mobile phone or on DropBox. By useing data storage on DropBox you can access your data from multiple phones.

    - Series bookings can now be created with different intervals (monthly, yearly ...)
    - Analysis of "profit and cost ratio" available


    features overview
    - series bookings (periodic revenue / expenditure)
    - selfdefined categories
    - Adapting on the phone design
    - Analysis with charts
    - Data storage local or on dropbox
    - Trial Version available


    About feedback I would be very happy.

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    Update now available:

    Changes at a glance
    - Analysis "Cost Distribution" available
    - Analysis "Income Distribution" available

    For the entire functionality of the app see first Post.

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