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Thread: What is with the taglines under the username in every message?

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    What is with the taglines under the username in every message?

    Okay, my curiosity has finally been overwhelmed. Under the username in every message is some odd phrase, like "I can dial without looking" or "Phone collector". And under that is a tiny green icon that says "<username> is on a distinguished road" when you hover over it. Are these chosen randomly, or do they _mean_ something? What good are they, other than to bother curious people?

    I've been searching for clues, but searching for anything related to them gets a "too frequent" error. I don't see any settings where you can change them. The vBulletin help talks about a "Change your Member Title" setting, but I don't see that here.

    Can someone clue me in?

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    [*]Your user status phrase (Phone Collector, Post Machine, Why yes, that is a bag phone, etc.) - This phrase will change automatically based on your post count. You can customize this by becoming a Gold Member.

    Quote Originally Posted by frail View Post
    You cannot change that yourself unless you are a premium member. Otherwise it will change as your post count increases.

    Go here: to see what you'll see at each post count milestone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cauchon View Post
    The default titles are set up by post count. Once you get to a certain post count, it changes. It is that way for everyone who is not a premium member. If you would like to customize it to say what you like, you may want to look into purchasing a premium membership which offers some great other features as well.

    The tiny green icon that says, "<username> is on a distinguished road" is a Reputation feature that monitors a members postings and issues a rating (in the form of a saying) to denote positive or negative comments.

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    One of the perks of a Premium membership, is that you can customize your user tag line. This, along with access to a Premium member only forum, and other cool things, like a custom avatar can be yours by becoming a Gold Member. The link appears to be down currently, but that should be back up.
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