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Thread: Purchased Galaxy S2 from JJBradford and haven't received phone or email responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vfoo View Post
    I think I just got scammed by th same guy. He's going bythe name x-rotuck now. I answered his iPhone 4s ad.
    E-mail is [email protected] and his paypal is: allan ferisie ([email protected])

    Would you agree?
    These guys are lowest scums of the earth.

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    Its not guys, its guy. It is the same guy. Same MO, different names. Mods have been banning him as soon as notified, but IT IS UP YOU YOU GUYS TO BE MORE CAREFUL!

    Read the sticky at the top of the BST. This guy is easy to spot.

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    Other than blaming the scammers, the buyer has to be smart too. 4 posts, selling a new phone way below market price. Come On!

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