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Thread: UMA in Cuba.

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    UMA in Cuba.

    Does anyone know if UMA would work in Cuba. I may be going there for some studies, I wanted to know if the internet down there will allow for VoIPs like T-Mobile's UMA service.

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    No reason not working Cuba!
    if you get internet with full access (at least TCP port 500/433/4500 are not blocked).
    I was in Cuba one and half year ago. UMA was fine on my BB phone in hotel!
    NO need to ask if any country UMA work or not!
    UMA works worldwide, anywhere with full internet wi-fi access
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    Well, the internet is not very widespread in Cuba. Tourist hotels try to have it for foreign tourists. If you will live in a hotel, you may or may not have internet. Most ordinary citizens there have none.

    Where will you be studying. Possible that there is some kind of internet access there, but likely limited, and not comparable to the US, Europe, nor Asia.

    The government there is very concerned with restricting information. Likely many ports are blocked on any internet access that you could get. Also, they charge a very high surcharge for any kind of overseas phone calls. (Including incoming. That is why calling Cuba from Miami, 90 miles away, would cost many times more than a call to China or Germany across the world.) Therefore, they likely would block any ports used for VOIP.

    I just noticed how old this thread is. T--mobiley, if still reading, if you indeed tried using UMA in Cuba, please let us know if it worked.

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