I know I should be posting this on TuneWiki's forums and support base, but I've sent them three e-mails, and their forum is impossible to long onto (I made an account using my Facebook *and* using my normal e-mail on the main site, and both give me errors when I try to log on the forum). Last week, I got fed up with the stupid that TuneWikiPlayer 2.0.whatever J2ME had going on (freezes a lot, doesn't read iTunes or m4a files at all, lolslow), and went looking for a newer version. Well, I found an upgrade (2.2) on an Indian forum (should've been the first red flag, and the second should've been that it was for a Symbian phone). Hoping it would be the answer to (most) of my griping, I downloaded it, installed it on my phone, blah blah blah (which happens to be the Virgin Mobile LG Rumor Touch. Yes, you *do* need to know that's the Virgin Mobile release). Eagerly awaiting what could be awesomeness, I open the app, and it does the usual (loading screen, splash screen, etc), along with registering itself like it does when you first install it. Now, this seems like nothing went wrong, right? Wrong!! It gave me a weird error - "[2] Auth Record not found. Please try again after some time." Now this is very -_- for me, because I've never seen this error with the numerous times I've installed TuneWiki. Anyone think they can help me? Idk how it registers, and only a faint idea why it needs to (lyrics and all that yummy stuff). Also, how do you unlock the streaming of Youtube vids? I know the Rumor can access Youtube (albeit without any buffering), so... yeah