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Thread: Contract Takover 2 or 4 Line Family Essential Plus

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    Contract Takover 2 or 4 Line Family Essential Plus

    We are moving sometime this year or early next to Middle of Nowhere Oregon(Eddyville or Silverton). From my research there is not US Cellular native service just roaming(Will be getting Sprint Airave to make up the gap). We are switching to Sprint, I have a hookup there to get 23% off of the base. We have 2 friends on the plan with us that pay their half every month well before the due date, we did it for the savings. We are seeing if they want to move to Sprint with us, hence the reason it is 2 or 4 lines tentative on their decision.

    The monthly charge is usually around $250 after taxes.

    Belief Plan Family Essential Plus
    1500 Minutes
    5 gb Data on all lines
    Unlimited Text, Incoming, 7pm N&W

    1st 2 lines Contract ends 08/15/2012
    3rd line ends 03/13/2012
    4th line is done

    Might be willing to include the phones for the first 2 lines which are an HTC Merge and a Samsung Mezmerize. Would rather sell to buy new phones for Sprint.

    Feel free to PM me for more information.
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    Any luck with anyone taking over for you?
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