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Thread: Need help with an LG 900g

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    Need help with an LG 900g

    If I am posting this in the wrong place I apologize in advance, there were so many subforums I didn't know where to put this...
    I recently bought an LG 900g and am getting really fed up with the way it refuses to let me do anything in regards to apps and such, it wont let my apps access the files on my phone, for example, I read constantly and want an ebook reader for my phone, but because apps arent allowed to access any of the files on my phone no matter where I put them it cant find the books.

    I have also heard that Net10 disables many of the features available on the European version (GW 300) of the phone such as threaded view of sms messeges. Never having owned a cell before Im new to this whole thing, but is there any way to change the phone to act like a GW300? I don't want to unlock it or use it on another network, I just want to be able to use my phone to its fullest capibilities.

    I read somewhere you could do this but I forget where, (I think the term is flashing?) but if I did manage to do this would I still be able to use the phone on Net10 like I have been? Does anybody know exactly what Net10 has disabled and the advantages and disadvantages of doing this would be? Any help would be very appreciated. Ive been trying to research this and asked around all over but never found any answers.

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    First, to the best of my knowledge, you can't unlock a Net10/Tracfone of this type without bricking it... too much interrelated software...

    That being said, could you give a listing of which reader you are trying to use on your phone? Perhaps some of the rest of us could try and see what is going on.

    I have mobipocketreader loaded on mine... it looks to the card/ebooks directory for the files.

    I do know that this phone can be troublesome getting some apps to install correctly, and I wonder if that is what you are struggling with. Have you tried installing the apps with the sd card removed, and then moving them to the sd card? I had to do that with quite a few apps... awkward, but it works.

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