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Thread: MiFi 4510L USB won't connect to XP computer

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    MiFi 4510L USB won't connect to XP computer

    I had a MiFi 2200 from Verizon before and it still connects to the xp computer with the wpa tkip setting. I have changed the MIFI 4510L to the wpa tkip using the program and I can connect my windows 7 laptops, my Motorola Droid, my printer and my Palm TX, not all at the same time, with no problem. The xp computer will not even see the 4510L. If I turn on the 2200 even though it has no internet connection the xp sees it and connects fine. I am totally stumped. Windows XP professional version 2002 Service pack 3. I even changed the 802.11 from n/g/b to just g/b and still can get the xp to see the MiFi 4510L.

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    You might try it on a Win 7 or 10 computer. I know W7 had better phone/periphial support.
    Could d/l & burn a Puppy Linux 6.05 or 6.3 CD and try it. Puppy has very good driver support.
    Even if it doesn't have the driver, it's diag program will read the device and give you some hints.

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