Have two phones I would like to sell together for $50 plus USPS shipping.

1. VE20 with box, book, charger, BT50 battery, cover, leather pouch with magnetic clasp. No data cable
Works perfect. Minor scratches on battery door. USCC phone.

2. KRZR K1M, Gray with 1 BT 50 battery/cover, and 2 extended batteries/2 covers. Book, box, charger. No data cable. Leather pouch with magnetic clasp.
Phone makes and receives calls perfectly. Audio no problem. Camera turn on is flaky. Glass not cracked; a few small scratches on edge. USCC phone.

I used both phones on USCC service.
Please contact me with questions. I can email pictures and serial numbers so they can be verified with USCC for legitimacy.

I am located in Joliet, Illinois.

Thank you,