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Thread: GPRS settings on standalone GPRS modems

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    GPRS settings on standalone GPRS modems

    can anyone shed some light here..
    i have a wavecom GPRS modem with a FIDO sim.
    i can access the web via my blackberry using this sim and the modem worked fine in New Zealand and accessed the web (albeit with a different sim). I have also changed the radio frequencies to match that of canada.

    i set at+cgdcont=1,"IP","",,0,0 (i have tried "" "rogers-core-appl1.apn" "")
    i use the atd*99***1# command to get to the APN
    the apn responds with 'connected' but i get nothing further to indicate that PPP has been initiated (ie i'm waiting for the PPP login sequence) so i time out.
    Anyone know what else is supposed to be set or what the apn name really is?


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    well i just worked out what the problem is...

    this modem was set to wait for the network to initiate the LCP (link control protocol)...once i set it to 'not wait' it all just worked.

    For the record, the cmd was At#GPPPCFG=””,25,1 (default ppp host side addr, default LCP response timeout, 1-don't wait 0-do wait[default])
    the cmd will vary for different manufacturers.

    Also for the record, the APN used was "" and for rogers/fido i suspect ANY apn will work.

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