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Thread: Flashing HTC evo 4G to Boost mobile?

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    Cool Flashing HTC evo 4G to Boost mobile?

    I just purchased an Evo 4G, does any one have an idea of how to flash it over to boost? I have flashed a mogul to boost before and my Samsung instinct did not need to be flashed just an OTA prl update and Data profile up date built into wm 6.1. Does android have something similar? How can I make this evo work on boost? I have no problem getting the esn added to their data base. Its just the software steps what do I need to do to get MMS and data working on this phone? If some one could point me in the direction of a good guide, id appreciate it.


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    There is no way to get the Evo's ESN added to the Boost Mobile "database" sorry.

    There is no way to legally activate the Evo, or any Sprint Android phone onto Boost. It requires changing the ESN, which is against US Federal Law, and against HoFo Rules to discuss.


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