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Thread: Nokia E73 Randomly Turns Off in the Middle of the Night?

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    Nokia E73 Randomly Turns Off in the Middle of the Night?

    I have a Nokia E73, and it has turned off twice randomly in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. When I turn it back on, the battery is at full bars, and the phone was plugged in at night. I am positive that I didn't accidentally turn the phone off at night unless it was in my sleep? I have also noticed that the phone sometimes turns off in my pocket for no reason. Any reason why the phone might do this? I depend on it to wake me up.

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    first, you have to lock keypad. do you?
    if you don't lock keypad, you can accidentally
    turn off phone that way bc a key is pressed
    while in your pocket, under your pillow, etc.
    that's happened to me.

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    I no longer own an E73, but the one I used to own crashed all the time. I chalked up to Nokia's reputation for bugs.

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