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Thread: Bell Employee Discount applied to Retention plan?

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    Montreal Bell Employee Discount applied to Retention plan?

    Hi everyone,

    I will get hired by Bell Canada in the next few weeks and I have a question regarding my Bell mobility plan.
    I am currently on a retention plan that I negotiated a few weeks ago and I was wondering if it's possible to apply the 35% Bell employee discount on a retention plan. I know for a fact that corporate plans cannot be reduced by 35% with the discount...

    Any idea anyone?


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    I seriously doubt it...

    But I guess you CAN look a gift horse in the mouth...
    What is Understood, Need Not Be Discussed...."

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    It really depends on the plan. There's no blanket 'yes' or 'no'

    There's a giant excel spreadsheet of all the plans, features etc and whether each is eligible for the 35% or not.

    Some are, some aren't.

    The only way to get a definitive answer is to call and ask.

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    Just thought I'd clear things up a little, this is some info from the company's intranet:

    Eligible Bell Mobility services:
    To validate if your Bell Mobility plan is eligible to EDP, you need to ask the Bell Mobility representative to confirm your plan’s USOC (price code) in Infozone (under EDP) . Should the representative not find the information, please contact Employee Services with the USOC (price code) to ensure your plan’s eligibility.

    -Most consumer rate plans (plans open to consumer-personal account types)
    -Certain consumer BlackBerry RIM services
    -Roaming charges
    -Minute bundles
    -Fun bundles
    -Bell to Bell rate plans
    -Canadian Long Distance
    -Text Messaging (sent and received)
    -Turbo Stick rate plans
    -Unlimited Texting between Family
    -Value added services such as Message Centre and Call Display
    -Promotional or regional plans (retention)

    Excluded Bell Mobility Services:

    -Virgin Mobile & Solo Mobile
    -Accounts with spending caps
    -Prepaid consumer rate plans
    -All business rate plans (Corp, Small Business, EPP,
    -Digital North America
    -Network charge, gift cards, late payment charges, financing charges, shipping charges, repair -charges, contract termination charges
    -Game download
    -Full Track Music Unlimited
    -Picture Messaging
    -LD- International Usage
    -Unlimited incoming minutes

    As it is stated, retention plan (in general) seem to be eligible for the EDP.

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