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Thread: E73 Discontinued?

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    E73 Discontinued?

    Did T-Mobile discontinue the E73 Mode?

    I want to switch to them but the handset missing on their web site and the web site of their dealers.

    Anyone know if the handset is still available from old stock from any suppiers for a new activation?

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    I wouldn't doubt that at least ONE store has these left over.. it's not like they moved a ton of these things anyway.

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    enuf already!
    i actually called them earlier today.
    sales back office says they didn't have
    any left. i was actually going to order
    them for all my lines since i had to re-
    new contract for the free unl wi-fi call.
    but then, i'm sure they would have
    booted me off my old old t-zones o_0

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