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Thread: IS A FRAUD

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    0 IS A FRAUD

    This website is one of many that sells iPhones, game consoles and other electronics.
    They don’t sell anything, they may send you supposed legit documents from police, iPhone and other brands, attesting their legitimacy, everything forged.

    I was caught in their scheme and I lost all the money I sent them.

    I spotted 4 websites (there may be many more):

    They operate all over the world, mostly in buy/sell sites and forums. I found more than 30 sell offers.
    In my research I found that they are a well structured organization.

    I made a list of names they use:
    Calvert Tzach
    Abdulaziz Al-Ameer Mohammed
    Abdulaziz Al-Ammer Mohammed
    Jerome Salgado
    Funso Martin Anthony
    Debbie Parratt
    Ali Al Hammed
    Kontaktiraj Korisnika

    If you have any more information, please post a message.

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    Your transaction didn't occur in HOFO, we as HOFO mods can not involve in those transactions. Maybe describe in details how you send the money to that website and we can advice it is is possible to track it and see if you will able to get your money back.

    I moved your other thread to public fraud section, perhaps that will open more attention and you will get some helps from other fellow members about this website/seller.

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    don't know what HOFO means

    The transaction was made by bank tranfer
    i have the IBAN and SWIFT from a personal account

    what i ment by posting was to guet people attencion on those websites, preventing new victims

    soon i wil be making posts about the name of each one of the envolved, for the same purpose

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    HOFO = Howard Forums.

    I'm moving this thread to public fraud section.

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