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Thread: Help a Newbie Flash Phones.

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    Help a Newbie Flash Phones.

    Hi, I am new to the website. I want to learn how to flash phones (without reading 1,000 books and articles.)

    does anyone have any newbie advice? Basically Flashing Android Devices to Metro Pcs.

    I have read blogs about it, and it seems like you just get lucky if you find someone telling you how to flash a certain model. Is that the way it has to be? i need to google it everytime for every different model? if so, i find it a boring concept and won't do it.

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    Rooting/flashing phones is easy after the first couple of times you do it, but reading is most certainly required for any phone. Xda-developers forums are an excellent resource, if not the only one most people need.

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    CyanogenMod wiki's at cyanogenmod's site are a great place to start.

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