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Thread: The Devil is in the (Plan) details

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    The Devil is in the (Plan) details

    Of course.

    On this new Unlimited 4G plan, does anyone have any knowledge - not unfounded conjecture - about the following? I've read the Prepaid FAQ and don't see the answers.

    1. I presume if one wants more data capacity, one can buy a prepaid data card. No? Whether the economics make sense would depend on what one has, wants, or needs, of course.

    2. Would data limits exist with a proxy server use? Prolly, but just probing!

    3. Are these plans monthly, or 30 day? I'm trusting the former, but if one also uses a data card, they will be out of synch. Oh, well.

    4. And the big one, for me, is must one burn off the current plan before changing it? In other words, if I see some heavy data/talk usage in the immediate future, and I buy a $70/mo plan, how can it be made effective immediately? If possible.

    5. Oh, and if I pay, let's say two or three months of service, will they just automatically sequence them? I think I saw that implied in the FAQ, just not sure.


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    No takers?????????

    Unknown territory?

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