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Thread: RAZR V3x full reset

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    Unhappy RAZR V3x full reset

    Hi everyone, I have a Motorola RAZR V3x, it came from Australia to Lebanon (middle east), since 2006 I unbranded it and flash it with LP0033 to read the Arabic language, the voicemail, the clip alert & the WAP worked perfectly. A month ago I received an update SMS from my network "alfa", I installed it and I restart the device. everything went very well. After a week or so when I tried to connect via the wap, as usual, there was nothing, as well as the others, but i still make calls. I contact my network provider, they said that every thing is working fine, the problem is in my device. so I did the master clear and the master reset, nothing changed. I flashed many monster packs using the RSD 2.7 as I did before, but the problem still the same. I hope kindly if someone can help. Maybe some thing is still stuck in the device. I changed the attributes for the websessions by using the P2K commander then deleting it. still the same no WAP no MMS no Clip alert... since that I was browsing the net and downloading monster packs. Until now nothing works. Sorry for your time, I just want a full reset to begin from zero.
    - My boot loader is :
    - SW version is: R252211LD... with 12 icons
    I hope someone can help me starting from zero and give me the MP English, French and Arabic enable just to read if someone send me an Arabic SMS.

    Thanks a lot for you time.
    God Bless

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    Hi everyone, Am I in a different forum? can anyone help please???? I just need a full or hard reset for by RAZR V3x black add to that a Generic Monster Pack that include at least the English, French and the Arabic fonts. I just to start from zero. I hope that someone can help and thanks in advance.

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