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Thread: Rocket 3.0 Rundown

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    Rocket 3.0 Rundown

    Hi all,

    Didn't see anyone on the street reviewing the Rocket 3.0 42M HSPA+ stick, so I decided to pick one up at the T-Mobile store today and compare it head-to-head against the original webConnect Rocket, which I have owned for a few months now.

    My review isn't complete yet, but I'll post here as I add to it. I'm in a relatively strong HSPA+ area so I should be able to put the card through its paces pretty well.

    Anyway, the review is here:

    Comment on the post (or on this thread) if there's something in particular that you want me to add. Among other things I'm planning on using my MacBook to create a WiFi hotspot and running a couple PS3s off of it to see if you can game on the stick
    SERO + Android = win. HSPA+ also = win, but it isn't available everywhere :/
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    You should hit the cap pretty quick.

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