Selling a used Verizon Casio Exilim with clean ESN, just need to activate. The phone is in pretty good condition I'd give it 8 or a 9 out of 10 depending on how particular you are. The screen has a screen protector on it so it is still pristine. Even though this phone doesn't carry the G'Zone branding, the phone is still water resistant, shock, etc resistant, you can check it out on one of the many reviews online. One of the main selling points of this phone is the camera. Unlike most camera phones, the camera on this phone uses optical zoom. I actually ended up using the phone mainly as a camera rather than phone.

I'll list the blemishes:
small (2/3 mm) wear on lower left bottom of battery cover
small wear on lower right bottom of battery cover
small (2/3 mm long) hairline scratch above flash
some wear around camera lens housing, lens is still scratch free
small (1 cm) hairline scratch on bottom right area below keypad
because the front of the phone is made of a glossy black plastic, it looks like there is a fair amount of small scratches if you hold the phone up to the light.
some wear marks on the ear speaker area where that area meets the plastic rubber when the phone is closed.

All original packaging and items included including charger, charging dock, manuals, etc. Also including a car charger.

I'm assuming that only a US person will be interested in this phone, so asking US$65 (includes S&H to US destinations).

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