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Thread: G2X folks, chime in!

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    G2X folks, chime in!

    My G2 has been great, but now that I have had a problem with my first one (hardware bricked) the 2 refurbs i have gotten so far have been out of box functional defects and my 3rd has hardware issues out of the box. Tmo said they are willing to send me a different model phone, and i can choose from the MT4G, the sidekick 4G, and an HD7.

    HD7 is out, as its windumb mobile phone.
    MT4G i have already had one, and dont feel its worth giving up my hardware keyboard for.
    sidekick 4G, im not a teenager, the camera is poor and has no flash so its not gonna happen.
    they did say G2x may be a possibilty, but at the time i called i could not get confirmation of a yes or a no on it due to availability issues at time of the call (tmos website said out of stock at the time i called in as well)

    I have played with the G2x, and its hard to say if im impressed at all or not. the screen is noticeably superior to the G2, screen responsiveness and sensitivity to touch is also superior to the G2, graphics seem a little better during movement, didnt look as choppy as the G2. lots of minor things but enough to notice some of its superior hardware differences to the G2. the lack of physical keyboard is really a killer here, but on the 4 inch screen its much better then the portrait keyboard on the G2 and on the MT4G.

    those with a G2x, and have owned or used a G2, can you compare the screen readability in daylight?

    this is my logic....
    i have a chance to get a different device, so i may be willing to sacrifice the hardware keyboard for a phone that i can see in the daylight. G2x has known issues with resetting, and hotspot issues (which means nothing to me since its useless on my end) and some screen bleed issues, which from pics of it that i have seen does not seem to be an issue but might annoy me later. the cons of the G2 are the piss poor speaker i cant hear half the time, the pracitically useless screen when in sunlight even when full brightness is on being my 2 biggest complaints about the phone, then a distant but always known complaint that battery life stinks hardcore on the G2, and the hinge while strong and stable is misaligned to the body and causes movement when closed which is irritating but livable.
    but i will admit the number 1 thing that holds me back is the hardware keyboard.....but i am open to hear what other actual power users on here have to say about their G2x. the store rep was very impressed with battery life, citing a 9am unplug with heavy usage being down to 27% at about 730pm, where for me at 830am unplugged im down to that approx level at 6pm on the G2. same store rep cited no issues with having to reset her phone at random, but she does do reboots every 3-4 days just out of habit anyway, but did acknowledge that there is a well known issue of the resets that require a batt pull for a reboot. 2 other store reps also confirmed this issue with no hesitation, but stated that they have had a fairly low return/exchange rate on the devices, but more than they have seen on other devices being exchange for similar reasons.

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    I have both and.........I don't know which to recommend. I plan on selling one, just don't know which. The G2x has a better screen in daylight but not by much, the Galaxy S phones are better than both in the sun. The battery seems about the same to me, neither are great.

    The G2x is faster obviously but you really notice the more you use it. And the thing is, I heard Android hasn't fully utilized dual core chips yet so it may get even more of a speed boost later. The hardware is just better than the G2 but I don't know if it "feels" way better.

    The thing is though, the G2 has the sweet hardware keyboard and I am a huge fan of hardware keyboards. The fact that the G2x doesn't blow away the G2 in most features and the fact that the G2 has the keyboard makes it a tossup for me. Ultimately I guess I choose the G2x simply because I know it has better specs. I do use the front camera on the G2x too and you can videochat with Iphone users so that is a bonus too.

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    The G2x currently has a major WiFi bug which causes it to lose the ability to resolve DNS names if WiFi is left on for a significant amount of time, so that you can browse to IP addresses but not DNS names. Fortunately, this appears to be a software issue, so it may be resolved by a future update. Still, it is something you might want to be aware of, since until this bug is fixed, you're going to be relying on the cellular network for data, which could be a problem if you have a limited plan.

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    Mine works fine, and doesn't encounter random shutdown (only 2 random reboots from the day I purchased at launch date).
    The decent speed makes playing games and watching videos more enjoyable (it can play .wmv).
    The screen is readable outdoors.


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