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Thread: What countries have you used uma

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    Pattyrn Ha Thats pretty funny, We might be on the same boat, I will have to see if this works on the ship as well. I know you have to pay for Wifi on The ships, but its still cheaper than INTL call, and still cheaper than calling from most countries , although Mexico is pretty cheap to call from .

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    My voice quality on my optimus t Uma at my home wifi sounds fine, just like cellular. My wifi is about 3 Mbps certainly not great. I haven't tried this out of the us yet. I will be taking a cruise to Mexico, belize, Honduras and cayman in a few months hope this works. I do know that some middle east countries block VoIP or any phone calls over the Internet because they own the phone companies and want to make all of the money on phone calls. I think UAE is one of them

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    I am not sure it would work on a ship's wifi. They use satellite. The latency might cause problems. I tried using it in the jungles of Zambia at a lodge a year ago. They only had satellite. I was only able to connect for a few seconds. It might have had to do with the basic connection quality rather than the fact it was satellite. People have reported using it on planes here in the U.S. and that is via satellite, also.

    GoogleVoice (domestic call forwarding and cheap intl. calls) Use GV to give us a "home" number in a 2nd location
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