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Thread: What app can I use with a Mac to export my Palm data to use on a new phone?

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    Question What app can I use with a Mac to export my Palm data to use on a new phone?

    I am a Mac user that has used a Treo for years, along with Palm Desktop. However, when I upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard, the new OS, I was no longer able to sync my Treo to my Mac. It took me months to find out that HP, who took over Palm, threw Mac users under the bus, so it no longer syncs (unless I uninstall Snow Leopard, if that is even possible!).

    I have thousands of contacts and years of calendar listings in my Palm Desktop. My contacts have many categories and have custom fields. I haven't found a way to transfer the contacts and calendar from Palm into another app without losing the custom fields and categories, etc. Mac Address Book doesn't have these custom capabilities, for instance.

    I don't know what new app to use for contacts and calendar that has that kind of capability, or that can import my Palm data without losing a lot. Any suggestions?

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    This is the hot new that I really attract. I will contact with you right now. Thanks for sharing.

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