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Thread: Cant decide?!?!? (SAMSUNG Fascinate vs. LG Vortex)

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    Cant decide?!?!? (SAMSUNG Fascinate vs. LG Vortex)

    I can upgrade now and I currently have the LG Dare. Im looking to upgrade to a smartphone and I have been researching what kind to get. I have narrowed it down to the Samsung fascinate and the lg vortex. I text a lot and get on facebook quite much so I need a phone that's battery can stand that. Any suggestions?

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    Can't speak to the LG Vortex, but my wife has the Samsung Fascinate and she loves it. Battery life on any smartphone can be an issue; search on smartphone battery life for tips on that.

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    That's funny, my wife and I both have the Fascinate (me) and the Vortex (hers)...she likes the Vortex because its small and fits in her purse, though not necessarily a "chick" phone it is quite small...both phones do the facebook thing quite well though my Fascinate has a built in F'book app and she had to download hers...but her battery seems to have more life than mine...I work a 12 hour shift and by the end of it my phone needs a charge after some moderate use...

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