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Thread: 4G WiMAX in Litchfield County Connecticut

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    4G WiMAX in Litchfield County Connecticut

    I've been looking into sprint 4g in litchfield county. I have found 2 tower upgrades from the ct siting council website i believe that at least one is wimax. One for sure in harwinton ct & one at the top of east main street in torrington. (Torrington 1925-1930 East Main St41-49-23.8 73-04-36.11 Sprint Nextel SBA 155.00 153.00 1100 replace 3 of 6 antennas, install 1 TMA 03/14/11) Now that kind of matches a post on the ct siting council website in harwinton (Harwinton 159 Weingart Rd 41-47-16 73-05-33.28 Clearwire American Tower m 145.00 180.00 1019 install 3WiMAX antennas and 3 TMA'S 11/18/10) Now one post is clear & the other is sprint/nextel though they have the same 3 antenna's & the harwinton has 3 tma's & the torrington site on east main street has only one tma. Though as i look through the list of clearwire wimax antenna installations there are microwave dishes also included. Also there is a few of the same sprint upgrades "remove 3 of six existing antenna"s "around the state of ct. A couple that already have 3 clear wimax antenna's installed. So i am not sure about the torrington site. It could be just a maintenance upgrade. If you look on a map the 2 towers are in a identical north - south line of the east side of route 8. Also the east-southeast side of the city of torrington. sprint is not upgrading its own network to wimax "4g" yet cause of clear's financial woes. Why would they only replace 3 of 6 antennas on that tower with only 3g. Wouldn't make any sense to do that. Though it doesn't look that way. I live in the south west side of torrington half way up the hill towards the hospital & i can see that tower in harwinton on top of the hill looking east-southeast. Here is the siting council link. just click on the approved tower database link| Also i have started a new thread under "4g in litchfield county in connecticut" under "Sprint -> Coverage/Technology Discussion 3G & 4G" thread ALSO THERE IS VERIZON LTE UPGRADES EVERYWHERE. THE STATE OF CT GOING TO BE LIT UP VERIZON LTE BIG TIME SOON.
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