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Thread: Vivaz pro unlock question

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    Vivaz pro unlock question

    I had a Fido Vivaz pro which I sent in for warranty repair to Flextronics in Ontario. They sent me a new phone as the original one was unrepairable. There was a note on the work order about it possibly needing reprogramming for my carrier. This got me thinking, Flextronics is the repair center for all Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones and possibly other brand for all carriers in Canada. Would the phone they replaced mine with be locked to Fido? I have a Rogers sim I tried in it and it made a call no problem but Rogers/Fido are on the same network......

    Is there a way to check if it's unlocked, a service menu or code or something that will say if it's unlocked or not?

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    good question... the only way I know is to try diff sim cards from diff service provider

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    Trying different simcard is the best method also

    Try this:

    Check the counter of your phone: We need to check that there is enough attempts to enter the unlock code into your phone, please reply back with the necessary information:

    With a Non accepted simcard start up the phone. When the screen says "emergency calls"

    1. Start up the phone and press the Menu key ( ) and Back key ( ) as follows:

    2. Pressing Key Sequences: Menu Back Back Menu Back Menu Menu Back

    Note: Please make sure the phone have SIMLOCK when pressing these keys to get into the Service menu.
    Also You can check there is counter of wrong
    code is blocked.


    press *#*#7378423#*#* and access the service menu

    You will see a menu:


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