Hi there I am trying to change my phone from a LG Voyaguer to a LG Bliss for have lots of problems with the voyaguer I picked up second hand LG BLiss. i loged into my account on Bell and did the stepsthat I had to but when got to section where it said changed features want to leave the same. But not usre for saw the following message I do have corporateplan and it said Due to the changes you just made, the following features are no longer applicable:

Corporate Canada LD -$.05 $.00/month

Included features
• $.00/month $0.05 Data CAN/US

• $.00/month 1X Browser pay per use

• $.00/month 1X Data pay per use

• $.00/month Call Forward Rating

• $.00/month Corporate Canada LD -$.10

• $.00/month Corporate US LD -$.20

• $.00/month Digital Data To Go

• $9.70/month Sys Access Fee $8.95, 911 Fee $0.75

My features
• $10.00/month Business Anytime Unlmtd. Nights & Wknds

• show$7.00/month Call Display
• show$7.00/month Extended Hours Pak
• $10.00/month GPS NAV - Phones

• show$8.00/month Message Centre
• show$10.00/month Text Messaging 2500
• show$10.00/month Unlimited Bell mobile to Bell mobile
• show$.00/month Unlimited Mobile BrowserTM
• $.00/month US roaming $0.40 $0.20
Now is that okay or did this make changes dont want to make any changes want same bill can anyone help me out.