Since I haven't seen it posted here yet, figured some might be interested in this news...

Effective May 31st, 2011, T-Mobile and Danger/Microsoft will be turning the T-Mobile Sidekick/Danger HipTop data service off FOR GOOD. T-Mobile has a couple options for backing up/exporting the data from your device. If you're still using a Sidekick, you should have already received a letter in the mail about this.

Also, this spring, T-Mobile will be relaunching the Sidekick brand with the Sidekick 4G, an Android-powered smartphone made by Samsung, with a form factor inspired by the old Danger Sidekicks/HipTops.

Read more about it HERE.

Biggest problem I see? They've eliminated the D-PAD on the left-hand side, which was so sweet for playing SK games on it.

Anyway, I just figured the Sidekick faithful would want to know what's coming in the next couple months.