I'm wondering if I can get any games that use the touchscreen on my phone (Pantech Crux)? I'm looking for something light/casual... maybe a puzzle game or solitaire, or something like that.

I bought mahjong recently... and I can't believe how bad it is. I played it for about a minute, and I doubt I'll even bother opening it up again. I should have just used that $7 to light my fireplace or something - it would have at least been somewhat useful. I didn't expect the quality of games on my Crux to be anywhere near what I get on my iPod touch 4, but I was hoping for something at least passable. The game itself is ridiculously tiny because screen real estate is taken up by the silly D-pad controls. It's incredibly tedious having to use the D-pad control to move a cursor: up-up-up-left-left-left... I'm almost to the tile that I want, then it snaps to some other one that I didn't want.

So, are there any games that I can get for the Crux that actually use the touch screen the way they should? (Not just turning my touch screen into a virtual version of some crappy phone from a decade ago).