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Thread: [Guide] HTC Hero and other Android Devices on Revol Wireless Data Network.

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    [Guide] HTC Hero and other Android Devices on Revol Wireless Data Network.

    This is an updated version of Geforce912's Guide updated by Emergenscene. His no longer works due to new internet settings. This would not have been possiable without his original guide. This should work with any android device on revol.

    Getting your SPC may be different though.

    What you need:
    1. CDMA Workshop
    2. QPST
    3. HTC Diag drivers for Hero(64-bit drivers can be found on xda). Also HTC Sync
    4. Your Hero and USB Cable
    *Google for the software and drivers, If you cant get the Diag drivers to install search on
    youtube on how to install them.

    1. After installing all the items, dial ##3424#. DIAG mode screen should pop up, "DM Command

    2. Plug your phone in through USB. Choose HTC Sync on phone. Drivers should install.

    3. If the drivers installed successfully, open QPST Configuration, Listed under QPST Folder
    on start menu.

    4. Click Ports, then click "Add New Port". You should see a port in the left part of the
    window. If not, unselect the button that says "Show Serial And USB/QC Diagnostic Ports Only".

    5. Select the port and Click OK. There may be several ports, so repeat this process until you
    see a port where it says "Surf..." or goto device manager to find the exact port for the hero.

    6. Take note of which port says Surf, then open CDMA Workshop. Do not close QPST Configuration yet.

    7. On the right side of the window select the same port as was in QPST with the word
    "Surf..." next to it and click "connect".

    8. Click on the Security Tab on the top of the screen and click "Read" under the SPC/User
    Lock, ensuring that the default setting is listed in the drop-down menu.

    9. Select the 6 digit number it generates and copy it.
    "If this does not work you must enter the super SPC in the terminal Tab Under commands type
    41 74 64 77 61 6F 70 This is a HTC Super SPC, Super SPC's will be different on each brand,
    Continue to the secruity tab and repeat the step."

    10. Go back to the QPST Configuration and click on "Start Clients" and click on
    "Service Programming".

    11. It will come up with a window displaying active phones. You should see one, the Surf....
    (whatever). Select it and click OK.

    12. Click "read from phone". It will ask you for an MSL/SPC Code. Paste the 6 digit code you
    copied earlier and click Ok. In the settings tab you will see a box for the MSL/SPC code.
    Replace whatever is written in it with six zeros (000000) and check the "SPC Change Enabled

    13. Click The Display Tab and type "Revol" in the Banner.

    14. Click Write to Phone on the bottom. Ignore any errors that occur.

    15. Unplug phone. and restart the phone.


    1. Connect Phone Via QPST and open Service Programming. (See steps 1-3, 10 above)

    2. Once you have began Programming, click "Read From Phone". It will ask you for an SPC/MSL
    code. That code should now be six zeros (000000) -see step 12 above.

    3. Click M.IP and set Mobile IP Behavior as MOB + Simp...

    4. Select any profiles (there should be 1 or 2) listed under User Profiles, and click edit.
    Do the following for all profiles.

    5. Make sure that "Profile enabled" is checked and enter in the following:
    NAI: [email protected]
    Tethered NAI: [email protected]

    6. Change home address to all zeros, primary ha to and secondary HA to

    7. On both HA Shared and AAA Shared Secret, click enter text string and type in the following
    password (all lower case): revol

    8. Change MN-HA SPI to 4D2 and MN-AAA SPI to 4D2.

    9. click ok

    10. Do for all profiles

    11. Set active user as 0.

    12. Click PPP Config

    13. The "Um" Button

    14. Under user ID enter [email protected] as well as for tethered NAI. If a
    text box is black with red lines in it, click it and press ctrl D. Enter revol in the
    password box.

    15.Click "AN" Button and repeat step 12.

    16. Click "write to phone". Ignore any errors that occur.

    17. Unplug phone

    18. Restart the phone and enjoy the internet.
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    Do you Need to have Internet added to your bill for this to work or will it enable Internet on any android revol phone?

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    very nice emergenscene i got all the way to click write to phone then i got this ""the phone returned a failure status during the read or write operation""any idea what went wrong?? using qpst 2.7 build 362, droid 2 global already flashed to revol (myself lol) wonder if i have to rood the droid to start over? anyhelp appreciated

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    these settings dont work should be removed i put them on 3 phones droid 2 global,samsung galaxy s captivate and htc eris all verizon androids i flashed to revol

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    these settings worked better for me than the other thread where the OP suggests using 10. addresses for primary/secondary HA not sure what thats all about And im not sure why we would put a local/private address in thoes fields
    internet is pretty slow im sure settings could be tweaked picture messaging does work tho

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    actually it seems that setting primary&secondary HA to works better then using this tool i believe you can find out what you should use and set primary
    let me know if i am wrong tho
    using that link (while using 255x4 as HA connected to mobile broadband) i set my primary HA to

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