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Thread: Motorola DROID Bionic release????

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    Motorola DROID Bionic release????

    Any one know when the Motorola DROID Bionic will be released? I am thinking of passing on the Iphone and getting this phone

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    Nobody knows. My guess is.... soon. Within 2 months.
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    I just read something yesterday saying Q2 other rumors as early as March.

    I'm confused right now about the Bionic, is it the Atrix with less memory? Some posts I'm reading say it has less memory because it lacks capabilities like the screen/keyboard dock. I picked up a Droid X on ebay to replace my Droid as I wasn't expecting to see the Bionic until end of Q2.

    It's a bit disappointing that Verizon really lead the way on Android the last 18 months and then let AT&T best it with the Atrix.

    The iphone isn't for me, no user replaceable battery, no sd memory.

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    Look for the bionic to lead verizons summer lineup. May/June.

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