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Thread: Thing big, think small, think beyond - February 9 & 'Twas the week after Christmas

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    Thing big, think small, think beyond - February 9 & 'Twas the week after Christmas

    Looks like HP and Palm are finally ready to show us their latest wares, including that long-awaited WebOS-based tablet—but the unveiling is slated for next month, rather than at this week's CES extravaganza in Las Vegas.

    "Thing big, think small, think beyond," reads an invitation from HP that hit my inbox Tuesday afternoon. The event is slated for February 9 in San Francsico, and promises "an exciting WebOS announcement." No direct mention is made of tablets or smartphones, but it's pretty easy to read between the lines.

    Palm also publish a teasing post on its official blog, entitled "'Twas the week after Christmas.

    'Twas the week after Christmas

    'Twas the week after Christmas, when all over Palm
    All the creatures were stirring, no mouses were calm;
    More smartphones are coming in two-o-one-one,
    To bring more mobility to everyone;

    Designers are nestled all snug in their cubes,
    With visions of webOS (a series of tubes);
    We've read all your tweetering (no need for ALL CAPS),
    We all know that this ain't a time for no naps.
    Yes, out on the blogs there has been so much chatter,
    You'd think it was truly a death-or-life matter

    The webOS update brings goodies like Flash,
    And Just Type and stacking (and won't cost you cash).
    More treats that the new year will bring unto you?
    (We have heard that you're feeling they're long overdue.)

    And what to your wondering eyes will appear?
    Not a miniature hint now, but never you fear,
    We'll have news to share with you, soon as we can,
    I know what you're thinking: "Just tell us your plan!"

    I'm sure that you've heard that a tablet is nigh,
    And lots more phones, and ePrint, and cool apps, oh my,
    "First, Palm Pre! then, Pixi! and, Pre Plus (and Pre 2)!
    Next, Whatzis? or Whosit! or, Thingabob? and Yoohoo!"
    (Those aren't the real names! they're not even the codes!
    You'll have to wait! have to wait! the future bodes!)

    But for now I'll exclaim that unless something leaks,
    "Happy newness to the forthcoming weeks."

    Jon Zilber
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    nice two-o-one one present for Palm users.. cant wait to check its new features...

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