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Thread: Blackberry 9530 and 9550 Storm to Metro PCS Tutorial

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    Blackberry 9530 and 9550 Storm to Metro PCS Tutorial

    After spending the last week getting my 9550 to work with Metro PCS and getting it to work, I thought I'd give back and post a start to finish tutorial to help others. I am by no means a pro at flashing, so please dont flame, if you see something incorrect, let me know so I can edit it. Also, this is from a Verizon 9550, so if you have Sprint it should be almost identical, but you might need to read another guide to find your SPC to read data from the phone, its like a phone password.

    On that note, when using the software listed, for Verizon phones, your SPC is most likely 000000.

    First off, get all the software you need. I just uploaded everything I used during my process and here are the links.

    JL Commander -
    QPST -
    QXDM -
    CrackUtil -
    IPD Editor -
    SPC Code Calculator -
    2004 PRL -
    3010 PRL -
    Metro Service Book -
    UniCDMA -
    I would create a folder on your desktop to put these in one spot.

    Step 1:
    Open up your Blackberry Desktop Manager, you will need this up and running most of the time during this process. Important: Backup your entire device. Optional: If you know how to, use JL_Cmder to wipe your entire device, and do a fresh OS install. I did this pretty easily using the Blackberry website and DM to insure clean slate. I don't think its necessary and will WIPE OFF EVERYTHING. JL_Cmder used wrong could also brick your Blackberry. I have seen guides for 9530 that insist that you downgrade your Blackberry OS to 4.7.65, but at least for the 9550 this seemed impossible. It might be quite easier on the 9530 so if you can, do it.

    Step 2:
    Go to the device manager on your computer. Find the "Ports(COM & LPT)" tab on open it. Look for "RIM Virtual Serial Port v2 (COM something)"

    Keep in mind that when using the CDMA software that you will always use the highest port, in my case I had COM3 and COM4 so I always select COM4.

    Step 3:
    Open QPST - Configuration. Click on Add New Port and choose the COM port you just found. It should list a phone in the Active Phones. IMPORTANT: Keep Blackberry Desktop Manager running and connected to your phone at all times or it will not recognize your phone. Next close this configuration screen and open QXDM. You should see something like this:

    If you dont see the command bar at the bottom go to View and select Command Bar.
    In the command bar type what is in blue:
    mode offline-d
    This turns radio off and sets to service mode. Check phone radio is off.
    spc "******"
    Remember the SPC for Verizon is 000000 so replace the asteriks with this. Otherwise you will need to find a guide to find your SPC.
    nv_write nam_lock 0 0
    This removes a security lock so we can move to next step.
    I saw others post that you should see some kind of output, I didnt, but it definitely was interacting with the phone.
    mode reset
    This should restart your phone. Wait for it to come back up and connect to Desktop Manager then move to next step.

    Step 4:
    Close QXDM and open up QPST - Service Programming. It should ask you to open and active phone and list your device. You should see this, but with your ESN and MEID listed at the top.

    Select the Roam tab and under the Preferred Roaming section browse for the 02004.prl file that you downloaded above. Select it and push Write to Phone. You probably will get an error, your phone will reboot. Thats OK, just wait for it to come back up and connect to Desktop Manager again. Now we need to get the service books on the phone.
    Step 5:
    You will need to get your blackberry into Legacy mode prior to loading a service book. On the Blackberry, go to Options/Advanced Options/Service Book. In this screen turn the phone to landscape, click the menu button, and Show Keyboard. Press the !?123 button, press 4, press the !?123 button, press ?, the !?123 button, press 2, the !?123 button, and press ?. Boom you should see...

    Go to your desktop manager, go to Device/Delete Device Data. Click on the Selected data radio button and find Service Book. Check it and make sure the "Back up data before deleting" is selected. Then click delete.
    Close that screen and go to Device/Restore. Find the BB_MPCS_WAP_MMS_v2 file you downloaded above by using the change folder and click Restore. This is the Metro PCS service book. Now your device might restart, when it comes back up, call *611 and make sure it routes to MetroPCS. Now you will need to get the ESN added to the metro inventory. I used a recommended guy that did it fast and for a fair price, this is only a recommendation, I do not know this person and will not be held liable for any of his actions, but I got this done with him yesterday and was satisfied. I went to 4 different Metro stores and none would flash my 9550 or add the ESN. His email is [email protected] . He will guide you through the process, and when he is done, you should have Talk and Text. You will need to edit the NAM settings in your phone, basically input the 2 numbers you get into the phone. Using the dial pad, call ##000000 and the NAM settings should pop up. Change the phone numbers up top to the ones you get from MetroPCS.

    Step 6:
    Next you will want to get web right? Right. Go to and mid way down you will see:

    Enter your ESN or MEID that you saw on the QPST program. It will give you a MetroPCS MSL number all the way to the right. Keep this up or write it down. Next open QPST again. Click the little arrow to the right and find the PPP Config Tab. On the bottom click "Read from Phone". It will ask you for your Service Programming Code and again, its all 000000. Within the PPP Config tab select the Um tab, Change the User ID: to [email protected] and the Password to the MSL Code you just found above. Now click on the AN tab and do the same thing. Now click on the M.IP tab, double click on the User Profile listed and change the NIA to [email protected].

    Now click write to phone. Again the phone will reset. Now you should have Web. I suggest downloading Opera Mini for a browser and Tiggit for email, although Tiggit will not go into landscape mode on the Storm which is annoying. If you know of a better email program, let me know. In the meantime, I am setting up a Microsoft Exchange server on Windows Server 2008 and Blackberry Enterprise Express to see if I can get BB email to work the very hard way. I will let you know. This should be it.
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    WOW! What a great post ,thanks a lot Bro you made my day.

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    What are the programs listed for download that arent in this thread? How do I use those? Or is that why you suggested the flash guy?

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