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Thread: Dell mini 3i

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    Dell mini 3i

    I've acquired a Dell Mini 3i phone, which if any of you know anything about the original release, it was released in China. I do not live in China, so am looking to convert the phone to be more useful for me in the United States. The phone is currently running Ophone 1.0 (a variation of Android) and I feel like if I could clear this and install an American version of the software I would be ok. Is there any way to do this? The phone has a lot of the Chinese apps downloaded (such as Fetion, Monternet, China Mobile, etc) on it and I can't seem to delete them. It makes and recieves call just fine, and it also doesn't have any issues getting text messages. However, I cannot connect to the internet as all the data connections are CMCC and do not appear to be able to be edited so that they can work in the USA.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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    Dell Mini 3i unboxed in China, capacitive stylus included
    By Richard Lai posted November 13th 2009 8:39AM

    One lucky Chinese blogger was kind enough to share his Dell Mini 3i unboxing experience beyond the Great Firewall, just a tad before Dell officially announced their first-ever smartphone. What's interesting is that the China Mobile version comes with a special stylus for the capacitive touchscreen -- a very handy tool for writing Chinese -- but there's been no mention of this accessory for the Brazilian 3iX. Dell's also bundled a 3.5mm adapter for the mini-USB port in case their handsfree isn't good enough for your audiophilic ears. Yeah, too bad about the missing headphone jack, but don't let this deter you from checking out the Mini 3i's full glory after the break.

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