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Thread: Craigslist phone is on a negative list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by es-squared View Post
    The guy I bought the iphone off of said it was also a bell phone and said it would work fine since I'm with them as well. Anyways, when I wen't in to get my service switched from my old one to the new one, the guy said its on the negative list, and explained it's because the previous owner has not paid their bill..

    Bottom line was he said he cannot activate it for me, and said I have to wait until the previous owner pays his bill? Sounds like a croc, since what does that have to do with the new owner of the phone? And of course, the guy I purchased off of is nowhere to be found. I'm going to guess negative list = stolen.

    My question is pretty much what can I do now? lol. Stuck with a paper-weight.

    ... any chance you live in Ottawa? .. or perhaps out west.. and did the phone come with a rubber case that looks like a tire tread? It would be a white 16gb 3Gs. If so, this would probably be mine. EDIT> btw.. no worries.. i've got a new one and this one will be pass locked with two device tracking locators! - Just try and steal my phone.. muahaha I'll find you! xD

    My iPhone was stolen a while back and I had bell put it on the negative file almost immediately. I don't believe a phone will be put on the negative file unless its stolen.. or possibly if a customer has signed a contract, recieved the phone at discount.. then never payed any bills. This can happen if someone signs a contract using someone elses name to get a cheap freebie and a couple months use.

    If it was stolen, shouldn't they have taken the phone and called the real owner? .. at least thats what they told me they would do, but I have a feeling they are full of sh*t
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