Can anyone using a Dell Streak streak confirm one thing for me? I've read many conflicting reports online about whether or not the default stock web browser does "text reflow" the way pretty much every other Android phone in existence does. Meaning, when you pinch-zoom to make text size larger, does it automatically re-adjust the text/column width to fit/wrap to the screen width, thus eliminating the need to ever have to scroll horizontally? As I say every other Android web browser does this.

So with the Streak, does it:

1. Reflow/word-wrap the text as soon as you pinch zoom a web page

2. Not reflow as soon as you pinch zoom, but reflow once you double-tap the text after pinch zooming? (some other Androids do this)

3. Not reflow text at all ever, even after pinch zooming and then double tapping?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!