I was willing to wait out the reception problems here in Ashtabula County, Ohio. They had been adjusting my bill for the inconvenience for the past couple months. Called this month to do my monthly check on the status of the problem and then get the bill adjusted.....got a real %^$^& on the phone that said they were not going to adjust my bill anymore. After a bit of an argument I hung up and called back and got a very nice lady on the phone that saw all the crap the previous lady had been spewing and said that she did not have the power but I needed to talk to tech and then they would be able to help.
Was transferred and the tech guy was great....looked at the notes and asked what I would like to do. I told him that I was willing to wait it out if they would continue to adjust the bill till the problem was fixed...he put me on hold. When he came back he apologized for the service but was unable to adjust the bill anymore....I stated that I should not have to pay full price for sub power service...he agreed and again asked what he could do because the service would not be getting any better for a long time. I said then I would like to be able to find a service that I could use at my house and he told me to hold again. When he came back he said that I was being released from my contract (which I just renewed) and was free to leave or stay at my discretion.
I reluctantly started looking at other services and found T Mobile to work the same....with a much cheaper plan. But the kicker was they had Phones that were able to do wifi calling if need be , when reception was an issue.....so I am trying it out and so far loving it. I hate to leave Alltel after all these years but I do not have any other option at this time.
Guess I will be heading to the T-Mobile forums.....