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Thread: LG Rumor Touch for VM How to get ringtones on phone

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    Talking LG Rumor Touch for VM How to get ringtones on phone

    I was reading on here about how to email yourself and stuff and I put everything together like this. Use to upload and create a ringtone for yourself and make it 30 seconds or less. Check the box to add treble to your ringtone if you like. Once it finishes creating the ringtone, right click on save free ringtone and save link as. Once you get the song completed and downloaded in MP3 format, click on the song you made in the folder and right click on it to rename it. Rename it from a MP3 format to a QCP format. I was downloading songs in QCP that sounded terrible but these sound so great!! After you changed the file from MP3 to QCP, use a GMAIL account to send the file to [email protected]. Once you open the email click view attachment and there should be a arrow like this one> right next to the song. CLick that and you'll find set as ringer there. And wala!! Whenever someone calls you, its now the ringtone. You can also use the email to your number for any pictures to use as wallpaper Hope I helped
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